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Anti Valentines Night

join us for a night of acknowledging just how single and lonely you are!

we’ll have dj’s and special cocktails fo the night as well as our usual line of up beer wine and cocktails.
you can come on your own, no judgement there but it’ll probably be better with a friend. who knows?! maybe you’ll meet your next ex here, bonding over your distaste for anything even remotely romantic - what a joy that’d be eh?! it’s fine, we’ll be here for you next year when you inevitably break up.

(couples also welcome but be prepared to be sneered at by the bar staff, attendees, passers by, and just about everyone. love?! ha! you disgust me.)

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7:00 PM19:00

level up link up - gaming industry social

Level Up Link Up is a brand new monthly networking event to help facilitate people of African and Caribbean descent into the video games industry.

We're putting a spin on networking events as you know it while also making the industry a more diverse place. We're here to give you tangible tips on breaking into the games industry.

So, no matter where your interests lie: be it marketing, programming or simply just building your network, you're bound to get something out of Level Up Link Up.

Don't worry if you don't necessarily have a direct interest in the games industry; if you're into all things nerdy you're sure to find a welcoming community.

Bring your business cards and ready your thumbs! Games such as Smash Bros and Mario Kart will be available - amongst others!


So bring your business cards and ready your thumbs! We'll also have games such as Street Fighter and Overcooked! 2 and refreshments!

Tickets £6 on Eventbrite

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